May 15 2020

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For rent by owner


For rent by owner

Selling a home in today’s world is cumbersome and stressful. I have learned over the years that I as the listing homeowner, I do a lot of the work to sell the home and then pay a listing/purchasing agent fee of up to 6% regardless of the market value of the home. In using Billings By Owner, I was able to accomplish a couple of things important to me; 1: List my home on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) for exposure and 2: save a tremendous amount of money in fees. Working with Erica Okragly was seamless as she provided the transaction advice needed at that time of negotiation and closing with the buyer. We did the rest of the work as we normally would have using the traditional method of contracting with a “full service” realtor. Listing the home myself also allowed me to have the face to face dialog with the buyer, this is a big advantage in time and guess work.

I highly recommend considering the services of Billings By Owner.

John & April H.

Benjamin R.

Due to a job change we faced an unplanned need to sell our home and move back to the Denver area. Since we had only been in Montana for a couple years we didn’t have a large amount of equity and simply couldn’t afford to pay the standard 6% to a realtor to sell our home. We researched our options and were led to All the tools were there for our use for a very low initial fee. We opted to also have the BillingsByOwner team do all our paperwork for a very modest 1% fee. We sold our home in 3 weeks and were able to retain enough of our equity to purchase another home in Denver. They were very responsive to our needs, very professional, and did a great job. I highly recommend them to anyone who wishes to sell their home.

Tony and Jamie P.



Willy and Shay M.

Ted and Vernice H.

‘Thank you’ can barely cover my gratitude to I placed my home on the website February 2010 and my house sold/closed in August 2010. Many of my perspective buyers found my home online and called for a showing. The new owners found the sign in my yard and called to take a walk through. The tools that you provide are state of the art: yard signs, accessible/user friendly website, and one call customer service are impressive. The fee for this type of service would be tough for anyone else to beat.

Thank you for such a great experience.

Skip and Michelle J.

Thanks for the opportunity to utilize the services offered by your company. I had previously advertized in the newspaper, and listed on MLS through your service. I have to tell you that I received more referrals from your service than any other venue. The people who responded to your internet site seemed to have researched the properties thoroughly before they called. I had almost instant response to my ad on your site. My home has sold in a very difficult market, when many high end homes are not selling! The website is very comprehensive. And easy to use.

Thank you for a great service that the Billings community needs! !

Peggy and Harold M.

We decided to use Billings By Owner because our home was in the more expensive price range and, with realtor fees, would have been out of reach of most buyers. We could not be more pleased with this service. Not only did we sell within 6 weeks to a qualified buyer, we also had two other offers and one possible offer. We used no other advertising; the professional yard sign did it all.

Thanks so much for offering this service.

Dean and Callie C.



Brian and Jenny A.

Matt’s website is very easy to use for setting up a property listing. I was amazed at the number of views we received in the first few hours our listing was posted. All inquiries to our listing were legit, and we had very few additional questions on our listing.

Would I use this service again? You bet!

Thanks Matt for the help in selling our home.

Bill and Betty H.

An outstanding website. User friendly for both seller and those looking for property. No need to hesitate to sell your own home Matt provides a very professional service.

In this challenging market “BillingsByOwner” is a very wise choice.

Thanks so much to Matt, Sam Rankin and Billings By Owner. We were so happy with our experience and especially the service we received. Since we had limited knowledge of real estate, we had allot of questions. Matt and Sam were so helpful and spent allot of time answering all of our questions. They returned e-mails and phone calls promptly and really made this a very comfortable experience for us. Sam Rankin was amazingly helpful to us and he went above and beyond to help us out.

Our house sold quickly and I would highly recommend this service to anyone who is selling a house.

Michele and Dave S.

Patrick and Sarah P.

Mike and Rosalind W.

Thank you for helping us sell our home. Selling/buying a home is a little overwhelming but Matt made the process so much easier. He answered our many questions – from staging our home to helping with the paperwork.

We listed our home at on a Saturday and had an open house the next day. We didn’t advertise anywhere except for the website and to our surprise had 5 people stop by. Monday morning we had an offer and by Tuesday we had sold our home. What a whirlwind.

Obviously, many people are searching the web for houses for sale. It saved us a lot of money by using this service. The website is very user friendly, the signs look great and the customer service is fabulous.

Tara and Shane M.

Robert and Tera G.

At first when we listed our home in mid June 2012 we weren’t thinking we would get many lookers without it being on MLS and having no Realtor. So we decided to give it a try for the $249.00 and at least get some advertising on the property so that it was known it was for sale. We printed out flyers weekly and they were gone by the end of the week – so we knew people were looking at the property and interested in a home purchase and the website!
As we moved forward and just let the advertising on and the flyers on the sign at our home take toll, we were suddenly getting calls for showings! I was amazed/shocked and very thrilled that our $249.00 package that we had purchased was working to show our property. Not knowing what was going to be next, we just stuck to our $249.00 package and kept showing our home!
In mid August we found a couple that was really interested and put an offer on the property to be SOLD in September 2012! The process was easy and very inexpensive. definately has the customer and potential customer hits on their website and helped us to sell our home with out a big fee added. We saved well over $6,000.00 for ourselves!

Thank you Matt for providing this service to the Billings area!

Just and Jamie

When we decided to sell our house we looked at multiple ways of selling quickly and efficiently. We decided to try our luck with BillingsByOwner and with the price set right, it took one open house and less than two weeks to get a solid offer. Thanks so much to BillingsByOwner. Not only was it easy to use, but saved us a lot of money!

You guys are awesome!

When my wife and I decided to sell our house, we considered our options of selling ourselves versus enlisting the assistance of a realtor. Matt and made it easy. We were able to list the house quickly, and have instant signs and brochures. We were able to discount the price of the home because of the savings on realtor commission and we sold the home in two quick weeks. My wife and I were able to relax and focus on our move.

Rich and Janet H.

Matt is wonderful to work with. I couldn’t have gotten through the closing process without him. I had lots of questions and he answered them all very professionally and quickly. He also gave me great advice on what to do starting with the listing through closing.

From the start it was very easy to list my home, upload pictures, and print my flyers on the web site. As soon as my house was listed, Matt had a sign in my front yard in a couple of days.


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