Jan 13 2020

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What is Rent Estate™?

Ready to create wealth and financial freedom through Rent Estate? Take a tour through our interactive video to learn more!

What is Rent Estate™?

The American Dream used be about buying a home and staying there until you either sold it or moved on (in one way or another … ). But somewhere along the way, things changed. A lot. Homes started owning people instead of the other way around, and our lives began to require more mobility and flexibility than ever before.

Enter Rent Estate™.

Rent Estate is “real estate for the rest of us”: the process of owning and renting one or more properties. And it makes sense in an era where renting is the new owning, dominated by a huge Millennial generation used to Uber, Airbnb and other products of the “sharing economy.”

For tenants, Rent Estate works because it’s a flexible, affordable alternative to heavy mortgage payments. For Average Joe and Jane homeowners, Rent Estate works because it provides an accessible path to financial freedom. It’s relatively easy to enter and grow. And along the way, it provides reliable cash flow and unprecedented tax advantages. In short, why would you sell your home for a one-and-done payment (at the mercy of volatile markets) when you can turn it into a giant cash register that rings every month for as long as you want?

The growing number of people who’ve joined the Rent Estate Club can tell you firsthand: They’ve finally achieved the lifestyle they’ve always dreamed of. And Rent Estate has been a vital tool allowing them to retire early, travel often, spend time with their families and explore their true life passions.

Want to join the Rent Estate Club? Find out how much your home will rent for!

The Rent Estate Revolution is Here

We used to live in a world where people bought homes with the intention of staying, and highbrow real estate investors bought properties to flip them for a quick profit. Now, renting is the new owning. Individuals and families are less interested in owning their homes. And regular Joes and Janes are buying and renting properties to build financial freedom for themselves. In short, the world is evolving from an elite world of “real estate” to a more accessible world of Rent Estate. And that’s a huge opportunity.

You’re probably thinking: What is Rent Estate? I’ve never heard that term before. Well, that’s what this Insider’s Guide is all about. We’ll walk you step by step through the process, so you can understand the nuts and bolts of Rent Estate—and figure out if life as a Rent Estate Investor is right for you.

Rent Estate Tips

Rent Estate™ Tip No. 1 – Start Small

Starting out small with just one property allows you to learn the ropes and gain some much-needed experience before managing the big properties.

Rent Estate™ Tip No. 2 – Cheap ≠ Profitable

Don’t fall for the first discounted property that comes along; make sure you purchase a property that’s rentable. A property that will just sit there unrented isn’t worth it–no matter how cheap it may be.

Rent Estate™ Tip No. 3 – Find a Property Below Market Value

You’re going to want a property that will appreciate over time, so do your market research and check into developments that are happening in the local area.

Rent Estate™ Tip No. 4 – Consider the Property’s Profitability

When finding that ideal piece of Rent Estate™, you’ll want to know your expenses–and carefully calculate your expected profit/loss to make sure you’ll be making a profit.

Rent Estate™ Tip No. 5 – Find a Great Tenant

The success of your venture will depend largely upon the type of tenant that you end up with, so make sure you find a good one. Conduct thorough credit, background, and reference checks.

Rent Estate™ Tip No. 6 – Don’t Sell

Remember that selling your rental will kill off the passive income stream that you’ve worked hard to establish. Keeping rental properties is a great long-term wealth building strategy.

Rent Estate™ Tip No. 7 – Benefit From Tax Advantages

Rental properties offer excellent tax benefits–allowing you to write off a number of expenses associated with the property. For example, insurance, advertising, maintenance, repairs, and travel to and from the rental are all deductible.

Rent Estate™ Tip No. 8 – Earn a Retirement Income

Rental property can be an excellent investment that will serve you well on into retirement. By owning rental property, you’ll be able to collect an additional stream of income in your retirement years.

Rent Estate™ Tip No. 9 – Build a Reliable Team

Don’t underestimate the value of a great team: it’ll make the difference between massive headaches and a thriving, successful rental property.

Rent Estate™ Tip No. 10 – Invest Smart

Purchase in areas that are undervalued, or in housing markets that are on the way up. Now’s a great time to purchase real estate–we’re recovering from the 07/08 financial crash but in most areas, property’s not yet reached the top.


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