Jan 13 2020

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Home is Where Your Story Begins

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying before “Home is Where Your Story Begins”. And while I believe there . Read More about Home is Where Your Story Begins

The Importance of Knowing Your “WHY”

I mentioned in yesterdays post one of the things I’m Currently Loving right now are Jenna Kutcher’s podcasts Goal . Read More about The Importance of Knowing Your “WHY”

Easiest Way to Hang No-Sew Curtains

Hello Friends!! Thank you so much for stopping by yesterday, and visiting my summer home tour! In case you . Read More about Easiest Way to Hang No-Sew Curtains

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Finding the Meaning in the Mundane

Hello friends!! And Happy Friday!! I can hardly believe that the weekend is here already. I feel like I blinked and this past week went by, but I have to tell you I am so excited, because tomorrow we are getting outside to start our spring cleanup, and I am itching to get it started! My wheels have already been turning on what new plants I want to add this year, and some landscaping goals I want to tackle. If you’ve never seen the outside of our house I shared some views of it in last years landscaping plan post, HERE. But today I wanted to pop in really quick and share with you a recent post I wrote for the Christian Mommy blog.

17 Vintage – Style Goblets from Amazon

One of the questions I get asked most often when I share my tablescapes is not where I found a certain tablecloth, or even about the centerpiece I may or may not have made. Nope, not about any of that, believe it or not, it’s about the glass goblets I used at each place setting. More times than not, I’ve found them at HomeGoods, because scouring those shelves in that slice of heaven here on earth store, is one of my favorite things to look for. But it’s not always the most practical when I’m trying to share the source, especially with a blogging friend who is trying to create her own beautiful tablescape, and is desperate to use the same glassware! Well you are in luck!

Antique Silverware

To me there is nothing more special than being able to connect with friends over a story, and I loved being able to do that with you! In case you missed it, you can read the whole story HERE about my inherited china set, and how this set of plates that sat in basement for years ended up sparking my love to create tablescapes. Some of you had asked about the antique silverware also seen in the photos, so I wanted to share where that came from as well.

My Inherited China Set

I looked at my husband, and he looked back at me utterly confused, and without hesitation I confidently exclaimed “I’ll take them”! I wasn’t exactly sure, and didn’t really know then why I wanted them so badly, I just knew it in my bones – these plates were going to be part of my story. You can imagine the thrill in my husbands voice when he asked me on the car ride home why I said yes, but I just shrugged my shoulders, and replied “They’re just plates”. Meaning how harmful could a few boxes of fine china really be?

Easter Bar Cart | Brunch Edition

Hello Friends!! I can’t believe we are just about in April! I don’t about you, but one of the ways I love dusting off the winter blues is a little spring gathering. Whether it’s for Easter or Mothers Day, a Baby Shower, or just because, it’s so much fun to host a spring inspired get-together for friends or family. I have to admit, hosting is one of my

10 Floor Plans Under 2,000 sq ft

Hello Friends!! So many of you have loved the farmhouse floor plans I have shared in the past, and while they all varied in size they had one thing in common – a farmhouse style! I shared in my first ever floor plans post just how much I LOVE looking at floor plans. Today I’m sharing 10 Floor Plans that are all under 2,000 square feet. Enjoy!

Spring Home Tour

Hello Friends!! Thank you so much for all of your comments on my spring home tour last week! It means so much to me, especially when it’s more of the subtle changes in decor I crave from season to season. Sometimes, I only need one thing that “speaks” spring to me, as long as it does so loud enough…….

When Dreams Collide

I wrote this post a couple years ago, but wanted to re-share it, because so many of you wrote me about how my recent “Mom Failure” post resonated with you. I know I love to share about decor and pretty spaces, but I think when it comes to creating a meaningful home, it helps to know where that stems from in a person, and we can get to know people a little more. So today I’m sharing more on my dreams of becoming a mom and decorating homes, and how the two collide.

I felt like a bad Mom

I remember feeling like a bad mom. Not like I made a mistake and feeling remorse, but I remember feeling like I was completely failing as a mom, and that made me a terrible mother. 7 years ago I was in the throws of toddler hood with an 18 – month old and a 3 year old. I stayed at home full time with my babies (still do – only now they are in school), which had always been a dream of mine, ever since I was a little girl.

I’m so glad you’re here. Follow along as I share my relaxed farmhouse style, my passion for interior design, and a little bit of life and faith along the way. My goal is to inspire others, and help you “Love the space you Live in”.


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