Jan 13 2020

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Rental home properties


Beach Front
Property Management, Inc.



How to find your new Apartment

How to Rent an Apartment

Search for the apartment you like. We offer apartments of different room types in different neighborhoods.

Select the apartment you like. Ask us any questions. If it is available, you can even contact us to reserve it.

Our agents will contact you, answer questions you may have and guide you through the lease signing procedure.

Now you have successfully rented our apartment. We hope you will enjoy your stay in it.

Featured Listings

America’s Premier Third Party Property Management Company

Premier Property Management in Southern California

Beach Front Property Management Inc. has been recently named Property Management Company of the Year by the Apartment Association of California Southern Cities and is widely recognized as an expert on all the complex and regulatory issues that can affect property management, allowing the company to streamline bureaucratic processes. Our founder/CEO is often quoted as an authority in the property management industry. Our staff has received numerous industry awards and is called on regularly to lead seminars and teach accredited classes throughout the United States.

Creating Communities

The core of our business is human services: servicing our clients as owners, our clients as residents and even our dedicated and loyal employees. What makes us unique is our simple, yet driving focus-seeing things from their point of view and putting them first in all we do. We deliver this with an exacting standard of excellence and a shared commitment to superior results in Los Angeles and Long Beach.

Property Management Strategy


⇒Hire a manager who will be covered by BFPM’s worker’s compensation insurance and liability insurance policies.

⇒Certify manager and maintenance under RRP, fair housing and require sexual harassment training if applicable.

⇒Inspect property for smoke detector, carbon monoxide, and Prop 65 compliance.


⇒Provide monthly financials

– Current Rent Roll

– Cash flow Statement

– Invoices and Receipts

⇒Provide a professional Yardi accounting system

⇒Issue year-end financials for your tax accountant.

⇒Regional Property Supervisors oversee the community managers, porters, and on-site staff persons.

⇒The staff is continually trained in the latest legislative updates and cutting edge marketing tools.

⇒Beach Front Academy


⇒Our maintenance supervisor dispatches our experienced team of plumbers, electricians, carpenters and techs at extremely competitive rates.

⇒24 hour / 365 days per year emergency availability for residents.

⇒Lowered costs passed on from subcontractors due to our pricing power.

⇒Use multiple free websites to attract the attention of prospective residents.

⇒On-site signage and banners attract drive-by prospects.

⇒Continue to advance our multimedia platform and expand our professional marketing team.


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