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Pappy’s Log Cabin sits in the middle of a secluded 77 acres of West Virginia Mountain Forest that you and your group will have ALL TO YOURSELVES. We are located just minutes from The Hatfield McCoy Ivy Branch Trail in Lincoln County West Virginia. You can drive your ATV directly to the trail. The Cabin is located within minutes of the Little Coal River, a great “lazy river” for kayaking. Our pond is full of fish, is equipped with a zip line and boats. We offer swimming and fishing, along with trail hiking, nature walks, outdoor fire pit and a 110 yard shooting range.

Furnished with many antiques, books and hymnals, the cabin makes a perfect setting for family singing and story telling. Some of the cabin’s amenities include two stone fireplaces that heats the cabin with natural gas logs. All you have to do is push a button to get the fire started, the cabin heat is thermostat controlled. The cabin is outfitted with a cathedral wood ceiling in the Great Room with exposed beams. The sleeping quarters are comprised of the Master Bedroom which has a 1/2 bath, and a balcony with a full size bed. Off of the Great Room, the full bathroom is located under the balcony area and is equipped with a shower, sink, linen closet and commode. The kitchen is also under the balcony area containing an island, a 1940s model gas refrigerator, a natural gas cooking stove, sink and eat-in bar. The front porch of the cabin is outfitted with enough tables and chairs to comfortably sit the entire guest list, a gas grill with side burner, rocking chairs and a six foot swing that’s big enough to lay down upon.

Our cabin sleeps 11 people (if you all get along :-)! We have a queen size bed that sleeps 2, two sets of bunk beds that sleeps 4, full bed in a balcony that sleeps 2, a chair that makes a twin bed that sleeps 1 and a queen size hide-a-bed couch that sleeps 2. Our master bedroom has more square footage than the entire floor plans of those “mini” cabins you see elsewhere. Of course, there’s room for air mattresses, and tents outside, if you choose to bring more people (additional fee may be required for additional guests).

We are solar powered and totally off the grid! We also utilize a diesel powered electrical generator to the Cabin, if you so choose, to supplement the solar power (central air conditioner, microwave). There’s a 24″ flat screen t.v. with a BlueRay/DVD player available with over 100 family friendly movies onsite and of course, you may bring your own movie selections. Our generator is situated far enough from the cabin and housed in it’s own building so that the engine noise is minimal (and quiet!).

Our Pond is full of fish, a fishing license isn’t required, however, we do ask that you “catch and release” so that other visitors may enjoy the ample sized catfish and bass when they’re staying with us. We provide a Paddleboat and Rowboat, a ZipLine that starts on the mountain and takes a fun filled ride into the pond! There’s a 35 foot water slide and lots of space for swimming! Don’t leave your fishing pole unattended, our catfish are thieves! Did we mention that your party will be the only guests? You’ll have the entire 77 acres ALL TO YOURSELVES!

Located within minutes of WaterWays Fun Park!

Eagle Eye View of Pappy’s Cabin and Surrounding Forest. We’re exclusive and off the beaten trail!

Fun, convenience and taking it easy. Three key elements for people of all ages to enjoy. This is a unique place to spend a relaxing time away.

Located just inside Lincoln County West Virginia off of State Route 3, you can park your trailer full of ATVs at the cabin and when you’re ready, head on out to the outlaw trails or the Hatfield-McCoy Trail System for an exciting ride on your quad in the mountains!

The outdoor fire pit is a great place to roast marsh-mellows and hotdogs. The great thing about it is that it’s very easy to use. The outdoor wood burning fire pit also uses a natural gas to start the fire. Firewood is available upon request (fee) or you may gather your own firewood from the dead trees in the forest (do not cut any live trees). It is nice just to sit around and enjoy the quiet solitude of the Appalachian Mountains under a blanket of bright stars because there’s no city-lights!

Did we tell you that you’ll be the only folks at the fire pit? All 77 acres, just for you!

Just down the road a piece, you’ll find a country store with a little bit of everything. If you can’t find what you want there, we’re about 30 minutes or so to the South Ridge Mall, Dudley Farms Mall and Trace Fork Mall areas of Charleston West Virginia on Rt 119, where you can purchase just about everything and anything you might need. There’s also a variety of restaurants and a movie theater located in that area as well.

Some of our other amenities include a log-cabin playhouse for the little ones to play in, and a swing that hangs down 25 feet from a walnut tree that is fun for all ages. Of course we have running water and in addition, a “hand dug” well from the 1800’s that is still in use today through a hand-operated pump that the kids enjoy playing with. With all this, you don’t have to leave the 77 acres to have lots of family fun.

And don’t forget about our Shooting Range, which is one of our most popular features. Our shooting range is setup to allow you to shoot from a few feet up to 125 yards and provides you ample opportunity for some “gun powder therapy” while you’re staying at the Cabin. Did we mention that you will have exclusive use of the shooting range while you’re on our 77 acres?


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